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About Supply Chain Tech Insights

Looking for valuable insights on implementing supply chain tech and exploring emerging intelligent technology? Look no further – Supply Chain Tech Insights is your ultimate resource for finding the answers you seek!

Supply Chain Tech Insights delves into tech topics that impact you and your business. Technologies include information technology, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, intelligent robotics, transportation, supply chain innovations, and other interesting topics.

More about me.

Randy McClure @mcislog

Hi, I’m Randy McClure, an independent supply chain tech expert who provides industry insights and solutions to supply chain leaders. With over 30+ years of hands-on leadership experience, I have implemented 100s of innovative solutions using emerging technologies and data-centric software development methods. I have also provided business intelligence (BI) solutions to 1,000s of shippers. Now as a senior analyst, I take great pleasure in offering actionable insights and bringing emerging, innovative tech solutions to the marketplace.

My customer-focus is on shippers, carriers, 3rd party logistics (3PL) providers, logistics organizations, and investors. My ultimate goal is to enable supply chain leaders to better leverage the latest logistics technologies and methodologies.  My core values include integrity, authenticity, good stewardship, competence, creativity, and innovation. If you’d like to connect, feel free to reach out via If LinkedIn, Twitter or use the contact form below.

My emerging tech and software solution experience includes:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for 1,000 of shippers
  • Emerging tech for 100+ transportation carriers
  • Innovations for 100+ 3PLs / 3rd parties
  • Industries: Retail, eCommerce, wholesale, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, DoD, Intl.
  • Tech: BI, data marts, AI, WMS, TMS, FMS, rating, decision intelligence, payments, ITS, IoT, API, EDI

Please enjoy Supply Chain Tech Insights’ latest posts on Supply Chains, Tech, Data.

Reach out to me with the contact form below! Let’s discuss projects you’re passionate about and explore the possibilities together.

Thank you – RM.

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