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The Delighted, Connected Customer: Reasons Call Centers Need To Be Omnichannel

Struggling to create a memorable customer experience? One reason is that customers are now communicating through multiple communications channels. You need to think of your customers as a connected customer. So, an omnichannel call center is essential for businesses to stand out! To explain, this article details how to get a unified view of the customer experience, how to stay connected with your customers, and the capabilities required to make it a reality.

Customers and Businesses Are Not Connecting Like They Use To – Why Is That?

Delighted Customer - Connected Customer
Delighted Customer

Are you missing out on effectively engaging with your customers? Is this because your systems, people and processes are all disconnected? Thus, leading to broken data, broken processes and a lack of strategy to keep your customers happy. Moreover, customers are more connected than ever before, and they expect your business to keep up! Here’s what you need to understand about this new, connected customer.

1. Customer Experience Is Just As Important as The Product Or Service.

80% of customers agree that their shopping experience matters just as much.

2. Most Customers Change Companies Easier.

Nearly four out of five customers claim it is now simpler to switch to a different company.

3. Most Customers Share Their Experience.

72% tell others about positive customer experiences, while 62% do the same for negative experiences.

4. B2B Customers Expect The Same Quality Of Service As B2C Customers.

Business-To-Consumer (B2C) standards are influencing the Business-To-Business (B2B) space.

5. Customers Want Both Personalization and Privacy.

They’re willing to share their data for a better experience, but with respect for their privacy.

6. After-Purchase Experience Matters.

Lastly, customers’ experience doesn’t end when they buy something. Specifically, package delivery experience is just as critical as well as how well inbound call centers solve customer issues.

For more details on the state of connected customer, see ConvinceAndConvert’s State of the Connected Customer Report.

The Connected Customer And The Need For Customer Intelligence.

In today’s eCommerce world, customers expect businesses to not just deliver, but also anticipate their needs and wants. So without comprehensive and up-to-date data, how can your employees effectively meet customer demands? Hence, all businesses need customer intelligence across multiple channels, both external and internal, to succeed.

To ensure that your customers have a seamless omnichannel experience, all your team members should have access to the same information. Specifically, this includes a comprehensive history of the customer’s order, right from the purchase till the delivery. Also for the best results, this data should be updated in real-time, giving everyone a “source of truth” to refer to.

6 Key Capabilities of  An Omnichannel Contact Center That Connects To The Connected Customer.

So to connect with customers and provide the best customer service, you need a multichannel/omnichannel contact center. Specifically, multichannel capabilities include voice, chat, and more. Thus, an omnichannel contact center enables internal coordination across departments and provides a unified view of customers’ history. Here are the six key capabilities of an omnichannel contact center:

1. Effective Multi-Channel Customer Support Automation.

First, it is key that businesses can effectively support customers over multiple channels. As an example, effective solutions include such capabilities as in-app chat. Also, you need to be thinking of your call center as a contact center with multiple communications channels. Moreover, you need to leverage software so that you can seamlessly communicate with your customer over multiple communications channels. For more details, see SC Tech Insights’ A Spectacular Call Center Experience – Technology Applied The Right Way.

2. Unified View of Data.

Here call center agents and sales have access to the same order status information, without having to look in multiple places. Hence, no more data silos. For more details on how to integrate data across the enterprise, see SC Tech Insights’ Want To Integrate Data For Better Business Visibility? Here’s How To Do It.

3. Automating Customer Support Across Multiple Channels Is Important For Businesses.

This can include in-app chat, interactive voice response systems, and video for customer training and troubleshooting. However, human-led chat, while often helpful, can be too expensive to be a viable option. On the other hand, conversational AI systems with a unified data view may be a better option. Automate.AI provides an example of this. Also, customer training and troubleshooting videos are quite effective.

Also, any attempt to automate customer support is doomed to fail without a unified data view. See SC Tech Insights’ AI Chatbot Technology – Its Staggering Benefits And How To Best Use for more information on new AI Chatbot technology. Indeed, AI Chatbots at some point will replace rules-based customer service applications.

4. Customer Order Status Transparency And Optimal Supply Chain Execution.

Customers want to know the status of their orders and to receive them on time. Amazon is a great example of a company that provides accurate information and efficient delivery for the products they warehouse.

5. Supply Chain Data Is Integrated.

Here businesses need to make sure 3rd party logistics (3PL) and other supply chain vendors data is available to the call center

6. Shipment Delivery Status Is Integrated.

It is critical that businesses make sure that their transportation carriers and last mile delivery carriers’ shipment status is available to the call center staff and to the customer.

See Turvo’s The Importance of Order Visibility in Supply Chain Planning & Execution for more information on ideas and software capabilities to support call centers and enable supply chain visibility.

For more information from Supply Chain Tech Insights, see A Spectacular Call Center Experience – Technology Applied The Right Way and Want To Integrate Data For Better Business Visibility? Here’s How To Do It.

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